Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Family Home Evening Lessons on The Family: A Proclamation

Week 1 Family is the Basic and Most Important Unit of Society

Week 2 We Are Created In the Image of Our Heavenly Father

Week 3 We Came To Earth To Get A Physical Body

I loved studying the Proclamation so much this term. I really wanted to share the things I was learning with my family. I began by inviting my kids and grandkids over for Family Night. My daughter and son in law share a birthday, so it was a great time to get everyone together. We had a family dinner and then started the lesson which was a simple one, That our family is stronger together than apart. We had a great time, having a lesson and playing a game before having cake and ice cream. I have been working on a lesson for each paragraph of the Proclamation. Because my husband and I are out of town often, we have not been able to keep as consistent a schedule as I would have hoped. But we are on the right track! My lessons did not make it as far as each paragraph. It takes longer than I would have thought to create a family home evening. I was able to find a good format from some lessons I found online. I found object lessons that fit my lessons at other sites. Quotes abound by topic at If someone wants to learn about a gospel topic, they do not have to go farther than their own laptop!

Bro Thurman, Thanks for teaching this class.Without folks like you willing to take the time to take on these classes, there would not be this opportunity for us to take these classes. I know that it may not feel like teaching to you, that some students need you more than others, but you really have provided a great opportunity to us.
Karen Roberts

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